30% High Grade Resin / 70% Naturalstone
The material is expensive, roughly five times the cost of regular acrylic bath.
Over the past 10 years this manufacturing process has continually updated and technically improved. With Fiberglass on the inside with dual skinned for extra protection.
The particles are needle-like, when mixed with resin these particles bond together to create an incredibly strong web

Benefits of this Composition
· Harder and more durable than regular acrylic
· As rigid and strong as cast-iron
· Renewable surface
· Easy to clean and repair
· Tap holes can be drilled on site
· Matt finish

Luxebath Products Standouts
Luxebath’s Lightweight baths are handmade from a high grade Resin, natural crushed Stone.
The appearance and feel is exactly like the old heavier stone baths, but they are 60% lighter and more durable, and over all easier to handle.
· Freighting is easier with the lighter weight.
· Installers like them as they are easier to lift and carry.
· They are the preferred choice for homes with wooden floors, piled floors, and multi level homes.